Reference designs

We aim to keep both our software and hardware as reusable and modular as possible. This saves us time in development, and it saves money and time for the customer when we can reuse parts and derive the customer designs from our internal reference designs.

Rapid Light speed prototyping

To realize our goals of reusability and modularity, our custom dev boards Kite 9160 and Kite 52840 are combining the strength in the nRF SoCs with the flexibility of the PMOD standard. This allows us to prototype solutions with real hardware long before we have the customer-specific boards available.

With the kites being our internal reference boards, we tend to stay as close to them as possible in the customer-specific boards as well, making both hardware design and software design easier. If the application software runs on the Kite, it runs with minimal changes on the final hardware as well! This allows us to use a reference software based on the Kite flavour used for the specific project.

Kite & Kitten 9160

Kite 9160 and Kitten are our LTE based reference cards that are based on nRF9160. The Kite has four PMOD connectors, whereas the Kitten is meant to be a wearable. Board filles for Kite 9160 are available on GitHub, so you can easily include them in your Zephyr project by adding them to your west.yml.

Combining our internal Kite development boards with the Peripheral MODule ecosystem allows us to start hacking on firmware as soon as we have a loose idea of what the product should do, while providing close to production-grade prototypes for early test deployments.

A photo of Kite 9160

Kite 52840

Kite 52840 is based on nRF52840 and also has four PMOD connectors. Whenever we prototype in a project where we need bluetooth or any of the IEEE 802.15.4 variants, this is our goto kite! Just like with the 9160 Kite, board files are freely available, and we have also made the manufacturing files available.

A photo of Kite 52840


The EUB SDK builds on top of Zephyr with functionality to automate modem connections, encrypted sockets, FOTA helpers and various build system utilities. Our work with the SDK helps us minimize the maintenance burden between projects and helps us reuse as much software as possible.

An image that looks like code

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