Uncomplicated electronics development

Elektronikutvecklingsbyrån is a small team of experienced embedded developers who help idea holders in all stages of product development, from architecture, systemization and planning to circuit board design and firmware hacking.

Smart gadgets deserve smart development

There are a thousand things to keep in mind when building IoT products and slip-ups can be expensive. But don't worry—we know how to make an IoT project successful.

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Embedded has changed

Open standards, modular architectures and large-scale collaboration through open source make it possible to go from idea to prototype, and from prototype to launch, faster and more efficiently than ever. Without compromising on robustness or flexibility.

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Hardware with soft methods

Our way of developing hardware is heavily inspired by the software industry's agile way of working. Quick iterations are the result of a smart workflow, where we reuse and automate as much as possible and where the barriers between firmware developers and hardware designers are gone.

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Common sense as a service

We offer a close, open collaboration with experienced developers and experienced problem solvers. Cooperation instead of prestige. Common sense instead of rigid requirements specifications. Problem solving instead of billable hours.

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Selection from our toolbox

Zephyr RTOS

In a few years, Zephyr will be as natural a choice for IoT products as Linux is today for servers. Since the project started, we have been touting the virtues of Zephyr, but if you are wondering what Zephyr can do for your product, we are happy to talk some more!


Circuit board validation in CI/CD? Automatic generation of manufacturing files? An ever-expanding feature set that is being tested and refined by thousands of users? Software developers realized that openness and collaboration is the way forward a long time ago. KiCAD brings hardware one step closer to the same philosophy.

Modern radio protocols

There are many ways to connect a product and all have advantages and disadvantages in terms of bandwidth, battery life, coverage and complexity. BLE, LoRaWAN, LTE Cat M, NB-IoT, Thread... we'll help you choose the right technology for your particular application.


If you spend your life in a Debian terminal, of course you love Linux too! Elektronikutvecklingsbyrån has its roots in embedded Linux—some of us have even been caught porting Android to new hardware in moments of weakness.

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